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Alloy Sling Chain Industries, Ltd.

Alloy chain slings new/repairs, link forming to 6-in. dia, wire rope cuts, assemblies, slings, design, fabrication lifting devices, refurbishing and manufacturing new lifting devices, synthetic slings, surveys, inspections, seminars.

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American Crane & Equipment Corp.


American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electric overhead cranes, electric wire rope hoists, and overhead material handling equipment for custom, nuclear and standard applications. Standard and custom designed overhead electric bridge cranes, hoists and gantries designed to CMAA and AISE standards. Rebuilding, installation and crane service. Engineering and feasibilities studies. OSHA inspections and safety training course.

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Atlantic Track & Turnout Co.

Railroad rail, track accessories, overhead crane runways, rubber nose clips and pads, tie back linkage systems, special and standard trackwork, third rail. Customized fiberglass grating systems and insulation. Moveable bridgejoints, cutting, drilling, and fabrication of rail products.

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Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Company

Crane Rail in various sizes. Splice bars w/ bolts, rail clips, clamp & filler sets, hook bolts, crane stops & crane wheels.

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Brake Products Inc.


Brake wheels. Manufacturer of brake systems (distributors: Wagner and Westinghouse). Cable reels (distributor: Gleason).

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Cervis Inc.

Cervis Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial radio remote controls. We offer a complete range of products which utilize proven, world class technology. The safety aspects of our systems can not be compromised. They have earned a world-wide reputation for superior performance and reliability. Additionally, we strive to support all of our products with the best customer service in the industry. We can meet the needs of the most demanding environment or degree of complexity. Our semi-automated production methods give us a large economy of scale advantage. We make over 75 systems each day. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with an affordable and reliable product which will enhance their safety, efficiency and profitability. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Our name says it all.

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CID Associates, Inc.


Liftable buildings mainly for the steel industry, control pulpits, computer centers, crane cabs, electrical enclosures, motor-control centers, guard shelters, scale houses, gas-analyzer buildings. Pre-engineered buildings andhigh-tech construction such as computer centers, clean rooms, in-plant offices; turnkey interior-retrofit packages. Secondary containment enclosures for hazardous storage and medical waste, all with FM approval.

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Columbus McKinnon Corp.


Hoists: hand, lever, electric, pneumatic, chain, wire rope, microprocessor. Chain: alloy, carbon, welded, weldless, accessories, and rigging products. Tire shredder. Chain conveyors. Manipulators and pneumatic load balancers.Lift tables.

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Crane 1 Services

Mill Duty Crane sales & repair. Complete overhead crane and hoist mechanical and electrical inspection, maintenance services and repairs. Call 888-658-1212. Locations in Ohio, WV, Indiana

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Federal Mogul DEVA GmbH

FEDERAL MOGUL DEVA GmbH manufactures self-lubricated: liners, plates, guides, spherical bearings, thrust washers, slide bearings, and bushings. We have focused on the Steel Industry for over 40 years. FEDERAL MOGUL DEVA is a full service supplier and can assist you with material selection, design, assembly, and service life. We have a diverse product range and can offer a custom self lubricating solution based on your application requirements.

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G.W. Becker, Inc.

For almost 30 years, G.W. Becker, Inc. has offered a full spectrum of overhead crane related products and services including: manufacturing of custom overhead cranes, assembly of packaged crane equipment, jibs, hoists, OSHA and maintenance inspections, field service, rebuilds of cranes and/or components, runway surveys and inspections, engineering analysis, design engineering, modernizations, radio controls, runway electrification, DC and AC control panels, automation control and integration, and turnkey installation, as well as parts distribution for all makes and models of overhead cranes and hoists.

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Gantrex Corp.


Adjustable crane rail clips, steel reinforced rail mounting pads, girder column tie-back linkages, motorized rotating hook blocks, OLEO hydraulic bumpers, Panzerbelt cable protection systems, Gantrex epoxy grout, and completeoverhead and ground track installation services.

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Globex Corp.


Engineering design and field inspection/surveying - civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, hydraulic/pneumatic, industrial, material handling, piping and foundations. Design and modernization of heavy machinery, cranes and weight-handling devices. Designs from concept to completion including drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for new equipment, rebuilds, modernization and automation. Specialized in cranes of all types - EOT, gantry,jib, etc. for mills, heavy industry, fabrication, ports, maritime, government and military installations. OSHA accredited for certification of cranes

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Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.


MAN B&W diesel, Sulzer diesel, Ulstein, Artsila engine, engine components, industrial robot, logistic steel pipe manufacturing.

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JJ Curran Crane

J.J. Curran Crane Company has been in the crane and lifting equipment business since the early 1950's. J.J. Curran Crane offers a complete selection of Hydraulic and Rough Terrain cranes from 5 to 300 tons as well as mobilifts, boom trucks, and shooting boom fork lifts. Cranes are provided on monthly and long-term rental rates, with or without operators.

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MB Industrial Equipment Inc.


AC and DC crane and mill motors; electric brakes, 230 volt DC; DC switchgear, electric heaters, fans and blowers. New, used and rebuilt equipment.

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Mi-Jack Products, Inc.


Sales/rentals of Travelifts, 18 to 325 ton capacities, large cranes, forklifts, manbaskets. Rebuilding and maintenance on all mobile equipment.

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Morgan Engineering Systems Inc.


Special machinery for steel mills, gantry cranes, ingot stripping machines, ladle cranes, soaking pit cranes, electric traveling cranes, charging machines, automated material handling systems, forging manipulators, shipboardgantries, electric welded fabrication, ladle transfer cars, special cars, rolling mill auxiliaries.

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O'Brien Installations Ltd.

With over 35 years of experience in the overhead and jib crane business, O'Brien Installations is your best choice for any type of material handling equipment. Standard and custom design overhead traveling cranes, mill cranes, jib cranes, gantry ect. Specialize in crane inspection, service repairs, crane modernization and installations. Extensive inventory of spare parts for all major hoist manufacturers.

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Philip Doyle Manufacturing Inc.


Custom designed portable pulpits, control rooms, electrical rooms, noise control enclosures, in-plant offices, operator crane cabins, manipulator cabs, storage rooms, personnel booths, air locks, acoustical doors and windows.Complete line of industrial severe and mill duty air conditioners engineered for overhead cranes, mill pulpits, electrical rooms, and coke oven vehicles, designed to operate continuously in corrosive environments with high temperatures, humidity, radiant heat, fine dust particles, dirt, acid fumes, gases, and vibration. Custom designed AC units. Specialized mobile air-cond

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Power Electronics International


Electronic motor controls; Smooth-Move soft starts and Micro-Speed AC variable drives. Specializing in overhead electric cranes/hoists control.

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Reading Crane & Engineering


Overhead crane engineering and studies, inspection and service, specializing in crane modernizations and rebuilds.

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Simmers Crane Design & Services Co.


Overhead crane engineering and studies; inspection and service; specializing in crane modernization and rebuilds.

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StarFlite Systems Inc.

Starflite Systems Inc. – Premier manufacturer of custom, pre-assembled Crane/Operator Cabs, Pulpits/Operator Stations, Power Control Rooms (inc. electrical equip. rooms, PCMs, VFDs, MCCs, PCRs), Mechanical Rooms (inc. compressor rooms, pump houses, hydraulic rooms), HVAC systems designed and engineered to meet light-to-severe duty applications, Comfort/Convenience Rooms (inc. break, conference, lunch, lavatory rooms), Panelized Building Systems (e.g. in-plant offices, labs, tool rooms etc.). Turn-key project management & Mechanical contracting services.

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Taylor Devices, Inc.


Hydraulic shock absorbers for mill and heavy industrial service. Applications include overhead cranes, transfer cars, ladle cars, continuous caster runouts, grinding machines, coke plant machinery, and more. Custom hydrauliccomponents for aerospace and commercial use.

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