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Armstrong/Kover Kwick, Inc.


Toho Non-Tex rolls for use as wringers, squeegees, pinch, oiling, snubber, bridle, hold down and tension; non-asbestos millboard furnace rolls; Kwickboards and Kwicksaddles rapid change tension boards for use with pressed, woven and needled, wool and synthetic felt wiper pads; furnace seals; all Sorbent products; and Kwickpad and KwickChange® protection liner systems.

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ASB Industries, Inc.


Thermal spray coatings for process rolls, mandrel segments, furnace rolls, sink rolls, bar and rod table rolls, wire blocks, hydraulic pistons and cylinders, chocks, mill stands, pumps, caster molds, structural steel corrosion protection. High performance paint. On site equipment for parts too large for shipment to plant. Submerged arc roll welding and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA). State-of-the-art roll balancing. Disassembly and assembly. Stateof the art heat treat furnaces.

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Barclay Machine, Inc.


Roll manufacturer. Chrome, tungsten carbide coated, overlayed, rubber covered, heat treated, ground or bare. Sample types: sink, table, deflector, bridle, pot, accumulator, stabilizing, wringer, work leveling, backup, pinch,furnace, looper, guide, squeegee, contact and others.

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Brodeur Machine Co., Inc.


Designers and builders of production lines and/or parts thereof for coil processing and other systems, anneal/pickle lines, tension leveling lines, slitting lines, coating lines, galvanizing lines and coil handling equipment.Builders of a wide variety of parts for rolling mills.

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Danieli Wean United


Complete engineering services, including project management, project engineering, process engineering, machine design, electrical engineering, and construction engineering. Computer aided design (CAD) incorporating both interactive engineering (ie, finite element analyses) and design/drafting functions. Continuous strip processing and coiled metal finishing lines for steel and nonferrous metals, including lines for pickling, galvanizing, electrogalvanizing, aluminizing, coil preparation, annealing, electrolytic tinning, organic coating, tension leveling, inspection, and coil buildup. Strip fin

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Deloro Stellite Inc.


Manufacturer of cobalt/nickel-based alloys, produced in one of eight processes: powder metallurgy, wrought products, sandcasting, resin shell casting, investment casting, vacuum casting, centrifugal casting, hardfacing services, which is supported by its complete machine shop.

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Duraloy Technologies, Inc.


Duraloy corrosion, abrasion and heat resistant alloy castings. Tubes, furnace rolls, radiant tube assemblies, skids, valves and fittings, coiler drums and assemblies.

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Electro-Coatings of Calif., Inc.


New and reconditioned rolls for the steel industry. Distributor for 3M mill rolls, cleaning brushes and wiper bars. 3M mill rolls include wringer, bridle, and oiler rolls. Coatings include tungsten carbide, ceramics, chrome,copper and nickel. Other services: machining, grinding and polishing.

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FATA Hunter, Inc.


Design and supply of process equipment for the production of aluminum and steel flat rolled products. FATA Hunter product lines for the aluminum sector include: Continuous casters, cold mills, foil mills, "h system" mill automation packages and foil separators. World leading supplier of continuous coil coating lines and tension levelers for aluminum and steel strip.

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Glunt Industries Inc.


New replacement, repair, and re-design parts for the ferrous and nonferrous industries including the following: melting facilities, casters, rolling mills, finish equipment and power plants. Specializing in mandrels, chocks,spindles and rolls (new and repaired).

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HFW Industries, Inc.

Full integration of high performance surface enhancements with state-of-the-art manufacturing. Complete roll repair and new manufacturing; pot roll sleeves and bushings; proprietary thermal spray coatings that resist wear, slippage and pick up on pot rolls and process rolls in a CGL, CAL, EGL, ETL, cold reduction mill and coil coating line.

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Kastalon Inc.


Cast polyurethane products, Koat-A-Roll, Koat-A-Wheel, coil floor pads, coil protection equipment and services, crane bumpers, roll coverings (60-in. dia max.), slitter spacer tires, overarm separator spacers, wheels, pads.

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Kinetic Co., The


Shear knives, rotary knives, slitter knives and spacers, hot and cold saws, scrap choppers, side trimmers, and Sendzimir mill rolls. Regrinding of knives.

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MetalTek International, Carondelet


ISO 9002 certified heat, corrosion and wear resistant metalworking furnace components. Full range of stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, nickel, cobalt base alloys, heat resistant alloys for mill reheat, continuous anneal and batch anneal furnaces including beams, columns, riders, guides and pushers.

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Penna Flame Industries

Penna Flame Rolls offers a complete line of solid & fabricated rolls for your equipment. Our specialties include in house "deep case" heat treating and cryogenics of 52100 modified material utilizing the Uni Max Case Process. Penna Flame also offers textured,polished, & chrome plated surfaces. Tolerances are achieved with CNC Equipment and ISO 9002 Compliance.You get perfect strip from the perfect roll. If the surface finish and quality of your product are important to your customers, then you owe it to yourself to work with a company that has a proven track record since 1968.

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Praxair Surface Technologies

Applies wear and pickup resistant carbide and ceramic coatings by HVOF, D-Gun and Super D-Gun® processes to furnace rolls, pot rolls and process rolls in CGL, CAL, EGL, ETL, cold reduction mills and coil coating lines.

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Precision Rolls Inc

One stop gives you the complete line of economical roll fabrication, hard chrome plating, custom grinding and polishing of new rolls, or worn rolls needing repair of the face and journals. Our specialties include hard chrome plating for corrosion and wear resistance, manufacture of z-mill rolls, texturizing for Crodon rolls, heat treating and cryogenics for 52100 leveler rolls, thermal spraying copper conductor rolls for plating applications, or spraying for a hi grip no slip surface used in bar mills. Exacting tolerances are achieved by skilled craftsmen, and our design team is ready to assist in any problem you are experiencing. You get perfect strip from the perfect roll so if the surface finish and quality of your product is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to get the best possible roll with correct finish.

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Primetals Technologies

Drives and automation systems for steelmaking, furnaces, casters, hot and cold rolling mills, profile rolling mills, process lines, as well as complete mini mill electrical systems including turnkey supply of electrical powerdistribution systems. Switches, breakers, relays, switchgear, power distribution substations, static VAR and STATCOM systems. Motors, motor control centers, motor starters and contactors, AC/DC digital drives, distributed control systems, level 1 PLCs, level 2 automation, level 3 plantwide automation, computer modeling, monitoring and data logging, AGCs, flatness measuring

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Steeltech, Ltd.


Heat and corrosion resistant castings including: walking beams, furnace riders, recuperator tubes, refractory supports, galvanizing snouts, furnace rolls, charge and discharge rolls, alloyed iron castings, radiant tubes, galvanized arms/rolls, blooms, door fingers, and blow pipe assemblies. Computer aided design for parts and tooling. Prototypes.

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Tecnologia en Maquinados, S.A.

TECMA is your best choice in thermal spray coatings, grinding and roll fabrication. We specialize in metalizing and applying technical coatings by HVOF, Plasma and Rokide. We also offer flame-hardening of rolls and wear plates, spray-and-fuse coatings and have large machining capacity. Additionally we have the proper equipment to meet almost any finishing requirement.

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U.S.A. Machinery Corp.


Liquidations, appraisals and brokerage of all types of steel mill equipment. One piece or an entire plant. Also buying and selling of used rolling mills, EAFs, transformers, cranes, buckets, continuous casters, ladles, straighteners, bag houses, levelers, locomotive cranes, tube and pipe mills, shears, terminal equipment and roll tables.

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Vail Rubber Works, Inc.


Rubber and polyurethane covered rolls/rollers; roll cores, new and repaired; millwright services; Z-Series(TM) Orange Squeeze(TM) Polycast(TM) roll covers. Thermal Spray (HVOF), Masroll vacuum rolls. Non-woven Fiber Mill Rolls, Ceramic Furnace Rolls. Facilities in St. Joseph, MI, MIddletown, OH and Mobile, AL. ISO9001 certified.

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Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

China Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of kinds of metallurgy equipments: Electric Arc Furnace( EAF) , Scrap Continuous Preheating Equipment, Submerged Arc Furnace ( SAF), Ladle Refining Furnace (LF, LRF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), AOD, VOD /VD furnace and etc for steel industry and Ferro alloy Industry. There are hundreds of our equipments installed and running in more than 30 countries all over the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico and etc…. We have 16 years rich manufacture experiences and own various technique advantages in metallurgy industry. Based on Chinese low cost of raw materials and cheap labor, we are providing equipments in high quality and with competitive prices.

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