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Automation Products, Inc. - Dynatrol® Division

For over 60 years Automation Products, Inc. has manufactured Dynatrol® accurate level detectors. Providing point level detection for liquids, slurries or a broad range of dry bulk solid applications (foundry sand, green sand, reclaim sand, slag, etc.) Solidly constructed, Dynatrol® Level Switches monitor high, intermediate or low point level detection with no moving parts, require no adjustments and are virtually wear-free for a long operating life.

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Berthold Technologies

Berthold Technologies manufactures mold level systems for all types of continuous casting machines, and mold level control systems for open pour casters. With over 3000 strands worldwide Berthold Technologies continues to be the world leader in mold level. We also offer a wide range of non-contact measurements for bulk flow, pickling acid analyzer, hopper level, and coke/sinter moisture.

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BWI Eagle, Inc.

Monitor levels, temperatures and pressures over long ranges with BWI Eagle's wireless analog systems. Simple to use with no programming required! Just wire you 4-20mA or voltage inputs to our transmitter to send status up to 4 miles away!

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Captor Group, Weber Sensors Inc.


Sales, service, manufacturing of sensors, and application engineering for hot and cold steel processes. Products include: foto-captor hot metal detectors, including the new programmable foto-captor; flow-captors, solid stateflow switches and monitors for water (ie, mill water cooling and reheat furnace water cooling systems), oil for mill lubrication, and most liquids with up to 80% semisolids; vent-captor solid state air flow switches and monitors for forced air cooling in mills, air conditioning and panel cooling systems; proxi-captor, induction-based industrial proximity sensors for strip g

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Clayton Engineering Co.


Reliance Electrical, Gemco, Hubbell-Euclid, ASCO, Red Lion Controls, Sola, Square D, Total Control Products, Dodge, Catrac, Challenger, Josyln Clark, Gould Shawmut, Panalarm, Taylor Industrial Software, Entrelec.

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Foxboro Co., The


Manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of products for the intelligent automation of the industrial process. Offers extensive engineering and application services, education and training, and post-sale technical support.

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Industrial Scale

The industrial scale can be used for various applications. The different possibilities of theOverview of Industrial Scale industrial scale range from measuring the moisture content of samples, to checking the weight of large shipping items.

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Interstate Pump Co., Inc.


Distribution of pumps, filters, mixers and related equipment. Manufacturers of custom pump systems, tank mixing systems, custom filtration equipment.

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Jendco Corp.


Mold level systems for all makes of continuous casting machines for billets, bloom and slabs that are equipped with or without EMS. Engineering consultants, technical support, sales, and repair service.

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LIMAB North America Inc.

LIMAB has provided the Steel Industry with high precision sensors and measurement systems since 1985. We have solutions for dimensional measurement problems in: - Continuous casters - Hot strip and plate mills - Cold rolling mills - Pickling lines - Galvanizing lines - Cut to length / Slitting lines - Bar mills - Tube mills - Section mills - Wire / Rod mills

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Metal Products and Engineering-U.S., LLC

Metal Products and Engineering-U.S., LLC offers a diverse range of products for the measurement, positioning and evaluation of products in the hot metals industry. We offer continuous caster mold level measurement, continuous caster tundish level measure and ladle slag detection. We also offer products for tank, hopper and bin level measurement. We have systems for the detection of product position and hot metal detection. We can measure levels in almost any application. We offer instruments for the evaluation of flat rolled products. Please visit our website for a complete description of our product line.

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Motion Industries, Inc.


Distributor of bearings, mechanical power transmission equipment, electrical power transmission equipment, fluid power transmission equipment and hose products. Wholly-owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Co. (NYSE: GPC). Motionhas over 450 operations across North America serving automotive, chemical, food, beverage, wood/lumber, iron, oil, pulp and paper, steel and textile industrial customers. Services include: accredited technical expertise; comprehensive and innovative training programs for customers and employees; satellite-based computerized national inventory management; integrated service

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Riegl USA, Inc.


Pulsed laser range finders for noncontact distance measurement to solid, semi-solid or many fluid surfaces such as level measurement of hot liquid metals, positioning and profiling of hot slabs, vehicle spotting (positioning)and speed plus numerous others.

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Sapcon Instruments

Manufacturers of level sensors, switches, transmitters and indicators for process control and automation.

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SC-ST Corportation

SCST is a hi-tech enterprise with the capabilities of science & technology, manufacturing and trade. It has strong capacity of research and manufacture and well-organized sales and service network..SCST is dedicated itself to introduce and research advanced and new technology since its foundation. Three departments were established according to their industry¡¯s features: the Metallurgical Department, the Power Department and the Instrument Department. The Metallurgical Department has the following products: Mold Level Detecting and Control System, Detecting System for Slag Feeding, and the Optimized Control System for the Hot-Blast Stove of Furnaces etc. The Instruments Department has the products: Radiation Sources, Density Gauge, Level Gauge, Level Switch, Water Analyzer of Neutron, Ash Analyzer and Acoustic Non-damage Inspection etc. The Power Department has Online Oil Filter, Detecting and Positioning System for the Partial Discharge of Transformers In Use, Auto-modulation and Ground Line Selection Device of Coils with Curve Eliminated, etc. The radiation sources Cs137 and Co60 were exported to all over the world in additional to supplying the domestic markets. SCST has got two certificates: Advance and New Technique Enterprise by Beijing municipal government and The Top 30 Enterprises Developed on S&T in Shanghai by Shanghai municipal government and passed the ISO9000 serial quality certificate system. All the staff of SCST has been working dedicatedly to serve the customers with the first grand technologies and products. Our philosophy is to make good reputation and high credibility.

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SERT : expert in Metal Casting Control

Products, systems and services to improve metal flow control in the I&S industry (continuous casting) : AMLC (automatic mould level control), breakout prevention, mould powder feeding, tundish level control, sensors, electrically driven stoppers

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VUHZ a.s.

VUHZ Company is a leader in eddy current electromagnetic mold level measuring systems of continuous casting machines for slabs, thin slabs and blooms. VUHZ MLM System was developed in the National Research Institute of Iron and Steel in the Czech Republic, Europe. The VUHZ MLM System is installed in more than 100 steel plants world wide. It is compatible with MEMS and EMBR. VUHZ Company is also a producer of stopper rod drives and AMLC software with autostart.

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Pressure, Temperature and Level Measurement WIKA, a family-run company founded in 1946, is world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation. Today, WIKA's worldwide network employs more than 7,300 highly qualified and motivated professionals with immense know-how and technical proficiency. This is supplemented by our commitment to customer service and quality management to provide comprehensive solutions to improve production processes

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Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

China Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of kinds of metallurgy equipments: Electric Arc Furnace( EAF) , Scrap Continuous Preheating Equipment, Submerged Arc Furnace ( SAF), Ladle Refining Furnace (LF, LRF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), AOD, VOD /VD furnace and etc for steel industry and Ferro alloy Industry. There are hundreds of our equipments installed and running in more than 30 countries all over the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico and etc…. We have 16 years rich manufacture experiences and own various technique advantages in metallurgy industry. Based on Chinese low cost of raw materials and cheap labor, we are providing equipments in high quality and with competitive prices.

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