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A D S Machinery Corp.


Engineer, design and manufacture strip processing lines and equipment for ferrous and nonferrous material in coil form (e.g. anneal and pickle lines, tension level lines, shearing lines, coating lines, slitting lines, galvanizing lines).

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Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions business serves several industries, including oil & gas, refining & chemicals, mining & metals and power generation. Aker Solutions offers a complete range of services necessary to realize global projects including the provision of process technology integration, design, engineering, project/program management, procurement and construction.

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Andritz Ruthner Inc.


Design and furnish: continuous and push-pull pickling lines for both carbon steel and stainless steel strip, annealing and pickling lines for stainless steel, electrolytic cleaning lines, electroplating lines using conventional or Gravitel technologies, acid recovery plants for either HCl and HF/HNO3 waste streams, pyrohydrolysis for the production of pure oxides (MgO), machine systems for the treatment of steel strip, including carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and special materials: cold rolling mills for reducing and finish-rolling (temper mills and skinpass mills) in 12, 20,

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ASB Industries, Inc.

ASB Industries, Inc. Thermal spray coatings for process rolls, mandrel segments, furnace rolls, sink rolls, bar and rod table rolls, wire blocks, hydraulic pistons and cylinders, chocks, mill stands, pumps, caster molds, structural steel corrosion protection. High performance paint. On site equipment for parts too large for shipment to plant. Submerged arc roll welding and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA). State-of-the-art roll balancing. Disassembly and assembly. Stateof the art heat treat furnaces.

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Blast Cleaning Services

Mobile sandblasting in London, Essex and South East is our key service. Blastit Limited offers wide range of mobile blast cleaning services including beam cleaning, steel cleaning, turbine cleaning and osmosis treatment.

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Brodeur Machine Co., Inc.


Designers and builders of production lines and/or parts thereof for coil processing and other systems, anneal/pickle lines, tension leveling lines, slitting lines, coating lines, galvanizing lines and coil handling equipment.Builders of a wide variety of parts for rolling mills.

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C & E Plastics, Inc

Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Install and Repair Continuous and Push/Pull Strip, Batch Wire and Long Products and other Process Equipment for Surface Treatment of metals; products include Tanks, Covers, Fume Abatement, Secondary Containment Systems and Piping, with 24/7 repairs, call 1-877-Pickle1 (1-877-742-5531)

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Chem-Aqua Inc

Provider of products and service in the Specialty chemical treatment industry. Products that provide protection in the boiler cooling and waste water areas

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Chemtool Inc.


Manufacturer of lubricating greases including lithium, lithium complex, calcium complex, calcium sulfonate complex, sodium, aluminum complex, bentone (clay), polyurea, calcium and sodium thickened greases; industrial cleaners, metalworking fluids, drawing and forming lubricants, die casting lubricants, heat treat fluids and gear oil and hydraulic fluids. Manufacturing facilities also located in Milan, MI and Tehachapi, CA.

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Cortec Corp.


Environmentally safe corrosion protection technology; steel packaging materials proving corrosion protection; VCI metalworking fluids and coatings; water treatment additives; migrating corrosion inhibitors for concrete construction and repairs; VCI electronics and electrical products to protect control systems.

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Danieli Corporation

flat product casting, rolling and processing; process control systems; long product rolling mills; steelmaking plants; reheating systems; conditioning, drawing, finishing lines; integrated steelmaking plants; specialty mills and strip finishing lines; spare parts, technical assistance and training

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Dassnagar Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd

Dassnagar manufactures world class electrolytic cleaning lines for cold rolled steel. A cleanliness of 92% can be achieved at 250 MPM speed.

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Dudick Inc.


Chemical coatings for steel/concrete.

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Ervin Industries, Inc.


Cast steel shot and grit abrasives. Cast stainless shot.

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Essco, Inc.

Manufacurer of on-line roll cleaning equipment. Essco doctor systems and replaceable doctor blades are used worlwide in steel, paper, chemical and other manufacturing operations to maintain clean roll surfaces and reduce product defects.

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FATA Production Machinery


Design and supply of continuous strip processing lines for both the carbon and specialty steel industries. Reference installations include galvanizing lines, DynaJet push/pull pickling lines, in-line surface conditioning mills, coating lines, cleaning lines and continuous annealing lines. Extensive list of stainless steel processing line installations around the world.

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Fives DMS

20 high mills for stainless and carbon steel, complete filtration systems, longitudinally welded pipe/tube mills. Pickling lines, continuous annealing lines, galvanizing lines, annealing and pickling lines, bright annealing lines, electrolytic tinning lines, painting lines, degreasing lines, inspection lines.

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Design & Supply of complete strip processing lines. Also upgrade of existing lines. Specialize in coil coating lines for steel & aluminium, Roll coating machines, and Oven systems.

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Longhai Duoleng Steel Group Co., Ltd

The NO.1 steel shot and steel grit manufacturer in China

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LS Industries

LS Industries designs and manufactures a full line of metal cleaning and surface preparation equipment for the industrial market. Integrated abrasive blast cleaning systems and custom structural airless shot blast cabinets using conveyor and monorail systems are engineered by the in-house engineering staff for efficient and economical cleaning, degreasing and deburring of metal parts and pieces of all sizes. Cleaning systems for I-beams, girders, rebar, pipe and tubing of all sizes are designed and manufactured by LS industries. Vibratory shakers and tumblers using aluminum and ceramic media are available in many sizes to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and shapes.

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Maintenance Equipment & Chemicals


Environmentally safe, specialty cleaning chemicals for manufacturing. Safe replacements for toxic cleaning chemicals and inhibitors.

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Miller Corp., Harry


Acid additives, acid inhibitors, rinse aids, fume suppressants, looping pit additives. Cleaners: maintenance strip cleaners, metalworking cleaners. Rust inhibitors: edge sealers, coating oils, prelubes, metalworking, corrosion inhibitors, coolants for metalworking. Drawing and stamping compounds. NDT compounds.

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Pangborn Corporation

Design and manufacture shot blast equipment

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Strainers, filtration, water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment equipment and services.

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Quaker Chemical Corporation

Quaker Chemical supplies custom formulated process cleaners under the brandnames Quaker Formula and Quakerclean. These aqueous-based alkaline cleaners, available in liquid and powder form, are used to remove soils from metal substrates prior to coating or annealing. Quaker process cleaners deliver superior value measured by total cost, process consistency quality improvement.

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