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Air Liquide America Corp.


Gas services for metallurgical industry; engineering; health care; welding technology and equipment.

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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

As a leading industrial gas supplier (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen) to the steel industry, Air Products has pioneered the on-site gas supply concept over 50 years ago and we continue to develop energy and cost efficient technologies. From the melt shop to the rolling mill, we have helped customers save money through proprietary technology in combustion, gas injection, shrouding, and heat treating. Key Technical Expertise: blast furnace (PCI), BOF (slag splashing, bottom stirring, ladle preheating), EAF (oxy-fuel, decarburization, bottom stirring, ladle preheating, post combustion), AOD (gas controls, tuyere design), rolling mill (reheat furnace), finishing mill (annealing).

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Bloom Engineering Co., Inc.


Manufacturer of custom engineered combustion and control equipment designed to meet the customers' product quality, environmental and energy use objectives. Low NOx regenerative, conventional and radiant tube burners for diverse fuels and furnace applications. Ka-Weld pipe insulation for underfired reheat furnaces. Ladle preheating stations, Fuel Energy and Uni-Heat burner systems and small capacity recuperators.

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Deloro Stellite Inc.


Manufacturer of cobalt/nickel-based alloys, produced in one of eight processes: powder metallurgy, wrought products, sandcasting, resin shell casting, investment casting, vacuum casting, centrifugal casting, hardfacing services, which is supported by its complete machine shop.

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Hanco, Inc.


State of the art machining and fabricating up to 40,000 lbs. Rebuilding of gear boxes, chocks, universals, and other rolling mill and steelmaking equipment. Design and build/re-engineering-combustion engineering. Ladle preheat and dryout stations. M-D pneumatic positive displacement rotary blowers. Cooling towers. Baghouses.

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Hauck Manufacturing Co.


Industrial gas and oil burners, blowers and combustion control systems, pulse firing systems.

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Maxon Corp.


Industrial gas, oil and dual-fuel burners; blowers; combustion controls; control valves and quick-opening or closing shut-off valves.

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Praxair Metals Technologies

Praxair Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology helps provide rolling mill operators with higher productivity without high capital and operating costs. This application and process solution technology requires less fuel to heat steel and promotes lower overall heat content in the waste gases. These features allow a reheat furnace to economically operate at higher production rates.

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WS Thermal Process Technology Inc.


New generation of direct and indirect-fired burners with integrated heat exchangers providing maximum efficiency with minimal NOx emissions. The REKUMAT¨ self-recuperative burner is available in both direct and indirect-firedversions, each of which is available in alloy or ceramic composition. The REGEMAT¨ regenerative burner is a direct-fired type which integrates the regenerators and switching valves into one compact unit.

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