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Linings, abrasion and corrosion resistant (Subscribe)


Abresist Corporation

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Wear resistant basalt and alumina ceramic linings for pipe systems, flumes, chutes, etc. Chromium carbide weld overlay plate and bimetal castings with tungsten carbide wear faces for sinter screens, blast furnace feed chutes and scrubber components.

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CBP Engineering Corp.


Design, fabrication and installation of abrasion and corrosion resistant linings. Products include Basramite cast basalt, alumina ceramics, silicon carbides, AZS, tungsten carbide and trowelable coatings.

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Clifton Steel Company

Leaders in the Wear Steels industry for decades. Supplier and fabricator of abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistant materials for your facilities.

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Conforma Clad Inc.

Tungsten Carbide Cladding of steel elbows, piping, rollers, bearings, shear knives and various other components that require protection against abrasive, erosive and/or corrosive wear.

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Corrosive Resistant Teflon Tubing

Leading the way in Fluid Transfer & Containment for over 25 years. Tef Cap manufactures Fluoropolymer Products such as Smoothbore & Heat Shrinkable Teflon PTFE FEP & PFA Tubing. Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers for anti-stick and easy clean up. Teflon FEP and PFA Probe covers for complete chemical protection. Corrugated FEP and Convoluted PTFE Tubing for extreme flexibility.

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Crescent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thermoplastic PPG Lining is an ideal replacement for acid resistant tiles, It is most suitable for acid / alkali resistance

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Crighton Plastics Inc.

The material we use, copolymer polypropylene, is highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and heat. Since our products our custom for each client, we are capable of adding reinforcement materials in order to meet the needs of your order. Plastic is rapidly becoming the most widely utilized material in the production of linings, and we lead the way. Our contact information is provided on the website.

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Eutectic Corporation

Resolving the Steel Industry’s most costly wear problems, Eutectic provides solutions to extend equipment life. Offering wearplate, CastoTube®, wear resistant welding and brazing alloys, equipment and services. Eutectic specializes in roll repair services, chutes, liners, anti-corrosion coatings to protect the equipment that is critical to your operations; proven solutions to save money and increase uptime. Eutectic is your best choice for wear protection.

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Fareast Graphite Chemical Equipment Co. LTD

Supplier of graphite chemical equipment, including graphite heat exchangers, HCl Synthesis unit, Furnace, H2SO4 dilution cooler, plant, graphite absorber, evaporator, column, quencher, condenser

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Graphite Sales, Inc.

Graphite Sales, Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of short lead time machined graphite and carbon parts made to customer specifications. With our CNC milling and lathe centers we are short lead time graphite machining experts. Our two USA facilities, Nova, Ohio and Lake Havasu City, AZ are optimized for short runs and quick turnaround. GSI maintains a large inventory and is a major recycler of graphite materials. In addition to our core business of machining and milling graphite and carbon, Graphite Sales, Inc. processes carbon and graphite granular materials (carbon raiser) and inventories graphite blocks, rounds and electrodes. Call 440.543.8221

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Hausner Hard Chrome Inc

Industrial Hard Chrome plating, grinding, machining, polishing, dynamic balancing. Large capacity of 40 ft long, 7 ft diameter, 100,000lb capcity, on site capabilities for repair. HHC is well know for having the ability to deposit heavy chrome up to .150" per side thickness and more in some cases. Salvage worn equipment as opposed to purchasng new. Two locations, Kentucky and Illinois. Rolls throughout the mill, shafting, screens, rails, armature shaft repairs, hydraulics, chuck repairs, screws and nuts, bearing housings and countless other items to be repaired and salvaged with HHC's unique plating capabilities including the Chromeseal Lubricated Chroming Process.

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Hausner Hard-Chrome Inc

Industrial Hard Chrome plating, grinding, polishing, machining, dyanmic balancing, on site services. HHC offers Wear Resistant plate in a vareity of sizes and material make ups, from SS, Mild Steel, or AR backing material with heavy chrome deposits for the initial wear resistance. Capacity 40 ft long, 7 ft diameter, 100,000lb lifting.

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HMF Inc.


Our Industrial products division provides custom metal fabrication of industrial ductwork, hoppers, chutes, cyclones, bag houses and fumes hoods. We manufacture manganese steel wear plate made to your specifications for shot blast, sandblast and peening equipment. We will make one of a kind pieces or production runs. Our consumer products division provides heavy-duty industrial strength toolboxes for pick up trucks, service trucks, and utility vehicles. We manufacture Secure Storage Systems for law enforcement, crime scene investigation, command and control vehicles and weapons transportation boxes for public use. Processes include, shear, punch, saw, CNC plasma burn, form and weld. Materials include, steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.

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MB Industrial Equipment Inc.


AC and DC crane and mill motors; electric brakes, 230 volt DC; DC switchgear, electric heaters, fans and blowers. New, used and rebuilt equipment.

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Moon Fabricating Corp.


Custom plate metal fabrication, tanks, stacks, ducts. Applications of corrosion resistant linings. Rubber Koroseal, fiberglass, products for pickling, plating and acid regeneration.

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Rowland Co., The


Industrial brakes, clutches, driveshafts, couplings, friction material, and tension products—shop capabilities include brake and clutch relining and repair, driveshaft repair and assembly and push/pull cable assembly.

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Specialty cements for the corrosion field and technical cements for electrical assembling and sealing.

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St Lawrence Steel

St. Lawrence Steel is a provider of wear resistent solutions serving heavy industry since 1955. We are a leader in supplying premium abrasion resistant materials, hard facing, impact resistant steels, piping, ceramic materials and fabrications. Our materials and products have been instrumential in reducing downtime within mission-critical processes in industrial markets including; Coal-Fired Electric Power, Waste to Energy, Steel, Mining, Glass, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Foundry, Aggrigate, and Construction. The St. Lawrence North American Fabrication Facility has the advanced fabrication equipment, products, people, and expertise to provide technological solutions for the most challenging wear problems

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Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

China Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of kinds of metallurgy equipments: Electric Arc Furnace( EAF) , Scrap Continuous Preheating Equipment, Submerged Arc Furnace ( SAF), Ladle Refining Furnace (LF, LRF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), AOD, VOD /VD furnace and etc for steel industry and Ferro alloy Industry. There are hundreds of our equipments installed and running in more than 30 countries all over the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico and etc…. We have 16 years rich manufacture experiences and own various technique advantages in metallurgy industry. Based on Chinese low cost of raw materials and cheap labor, we are providing equipments in high quality and with competitive prices.

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