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Sample preparation and handling (Subscribe)


ABB Air Preheater Inc./Raymond popular


Bowl mills to pulverize coal for blast furnace injection. Also supplies roller mills, Imp® mills, VR mills, Palla vibratory mills, vertical mills, pulverizer-classifiers, classifiers, mechanical air separators, Jet Stream® classifiers, integral or instream turbine classifiers, rotary dryers, rotary coolers, flash dryers, rotary kilns, rotary calciners, rotary incinerator systems, rotary calciners for soils reclamation, sludge drying systems, maintenance parts, bulk material handling systems, ash handling systems, and gypsum wallboard systems.

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Alfa Aesar

Alfa Aesar, A Johnson Matthey Company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precious metal labware and high quality analytical fluxes used for XRF and ICP techniques.

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Allied High Tech Products, Inc.

Allied High Tech Products, Inc. has been serving the metallurgical industry since 1983, providing products for Metallographic, SEM, and TEM sample preparation. Allied manufactures its own state-of-the-art equipment including the MultiPrep™ Polishing System, NEW TechCut 4 slow-speed saw, NEW MetPrep 3 polisher with AP-3 head, and NEW TechCut 5™ Sectioning Saw. Allied carries a full range of products including: diamond suspensions and lapping film, polishing cloths, diamond blades, phenolics and epoxies. Allied’s NEW 2003 Catalog is now available.

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Angstrom, Inc.


Optical emission spectrometers for steel analysis, featuring laboratory units. Computerized readout and source updates for aging spectrometers.

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Buehler is the Science Behind Materials Preparation and Analysis™. After more than 65 years of manufacturing and globally supplying equipment and consumables for Microstructural Analysis, Buehler remains the worldwide leader. From cutting to analysis, Buehler continues to bring automation and new innovative products to market to improve laboratory productivity and specimen consistency. Quality, customer service, product innovation, and industry support are the hallmarks of Buehler.

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Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of X-ray sample preparation equipment, accessories and supplies. 12, 30, 40 and 50 Ton Force SpectroPresses; stainless steel evacuable dies sets; GyralGrinder powdered sample material grinders; SpectroMill Ball Pestle Impact powdered sample grinders; comminution vials and dishes; XRF Sample Cups and Thin-Film Sample Support materials; Grinding/Briquetting Additives; compressible tapered and straight-walled aluminum PelletCups;automatic Fusion Flux machines; platinum/gold alloy crucibles and molds; SpectroCertified Pre-Fused Fusion Fluxes; organo-metallic SpectroCertified oil standards, and much more.

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Clemex Technologies, Inc.


Clemex Impak Image Analysis System, CMT (Computerized Microhardness Testing), CIR (Computerized Inclusion Rating), acquisition, RÕKive

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Corporation Scientifique Claisse

Corporation Scientifique Claisse is a leader in inorganic sample preparation by fusion for any laboratory using XRF, AA, ICP and wet chemistry. We manufacture world-renowned automatic fusion instruments, platinum ware and the finest borate fluxes.

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EPS Ovens

EPS sells Lab Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Heat Treat Furnaces, Drying Ovens, and a complete array of heat treating equipment for sample preperation. Our standard units come as large as 40 cu. ft. Custom features and capabilities for your processes.

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GLC Alloys Ltd

Suppliers of Platinum Laboratory Ware and Fluxes for XRF Analysis and preparations

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Initiative Scientific Products

Initiative Scientific manufactures specialist scientific equipment including XRF fusion bead machines and automatic, controlled environment hygroscopic moisture analysers

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Kelly Systems, Inc.

Design, manufacture and installation of complete steel mill duty ample transport pneumatic tube systems and sample carriers. Upgrading and reactivation of existing pneumatic tube systems.

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Leco Corp.


Analytical instrumentation and accessories for determination of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen in metals and other materials. Metallographic sample preparation equipment and supplies. Metallurgical microscopes. Hardness testers. Atomic emission spectrometers.

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Quad Engineering Inc.


Steel mill process engineering including rolling mill process simulations. Equipment design and supply of rolling mill machinery including millstands, shears, cooling beds and auxiliary mill equipment. Pass design services, physical pass design simulation, operations consulting and specialized rolling courses. Civil and mechanical services discipline engineering including baghouse design. Meltshop systems engineering services. Complete electricalengineering services and automation engineering. Information technology for rolling mills.

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SOCACHIM Fine Chemicals

SOCACHIM Fine Chemicals is the worldwide specialist in sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis. We supply high purity molten anhydrous ICPH fluxes, Phoenix multi-position automatic fusion machines for accurate beads/solutions preparation, and platinum labware.

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Spectrum Plus

Phoenix Fusion Machine automatic fluxer, sample press cups, platinum labware, ICPH flux, service and repair of analytical instruments and spectrometers.

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Struers Inc.


Metallographic sample preparation equipment and consumables. Cutoff machines, mounting presses, grinding and polishing machines from manual to fully automatic. Hardness testers (Rockwell, Brinell, Microhardness) and Image Analysis round out our product line.

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TBW Industries Incorporated

Manufacturer of diamond and CBN superabrasives. Grid-Abrade ™ and Omni-Brade ™ disks are used for metallographic sample preparation in R&D, QC, and FA laboratories. Grid-Abrade and Omni-Brade disks dramatically reduce the number of polishing steps, and cost. Fast-X-Change tooling is available for all TBW products which allows disks to be attached and exchanged magnetically, saving valuable employee time. TBW will custom engineer products for unique customer, leading edge process, and surface finishing applications.

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UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools

Leading manufacturer of Precision Diamond Wafering Blades. Developed SMART CUT, Advanced technology that REDEFINES the standard in cutting. Metal Bond & HYBRID BOND Blades. Offer the largest inventory, variety & most competitive pricing in the U.S. Savings up to 650% per cut. First universal diamond blades. Does an excellent job on metals, not just ceramics.

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ULTRA TEC manufacture and sell an advanced range of sawing and polishing machines and consumables for metallurgical, materialographic and thin film testing applicatons.

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Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

China Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of kinds of metallurgy equipments: Electric Arc Furnace( EAF) , Scrap Continuous Preheating Equipment, Submerged Arc Furnace ( SAF), Ladle Refining Furnace (LF, LRF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), AOD, VOD /VD furnace and etc for steel industry and Ferro alloy Industry. There are hundreds of our equipments installed and running in more than 30 countries all over the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico and etc…. We have 16 years rich manufacture experiences and own various technique advantages in metallurgy industry. Based on Chinese low cost of raw materials and cheap labor, we are providing equipments in high quality and with competitive prices.

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XRF Scientific

Manufacturers and suppliers Quality Borate Fusion Fluxes the Phoenix Automatic Fusion Machine with up to 10 stations for XRF or up to 12 station for ICP. Also supply LIBS Spectrometers and Platinum/Gold laboratory products. Crucibles and Moulds

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