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Airex Industries

For over 30 years, Airex Industries has been committed to offering commercial and industrial dust collection equipment to help meet your air quality and filtration requirements. Breathe easier knowing that you can trust our knowledgeable staff to give you the quality service and products that have kept Airex Industries' customers satisfied for all these years.

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Amiad Filtration Systems

Amiad Filtration Systems has a proven track record of over 20 years of expertise, in providing Filtration equipment to industry, including the Pre-Filtration of R.O’s and other membranes, the steel and automotive industries and many others, with 10 to 5000 micron self cleaning and manually cleaned filtration systems that can be applied to many different applications. All are high in cost saving features for the user with many innovative designs. The Amiad range can be designed for virtually any flow. For further information please visit us at or email

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Automatic Filters Inc.

Complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems from 1 to 24-in. and flow rates from 10 to 12,000 gpm on a single filter. Stainless steel screens, filtration to 5 micron, and ASME coded filters. Typical applications include: cooling water, pickling, descaling, continuous casting, and spray nozzle protection. Tekleen is now offering stainless steel filters at carbon steel prices; CD-ROM with a video show (free of charge) that shows the operation of the filter; and detailed drawings in windows and autocad. For further information please visit us at or e-mail us at

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Baker Petrolite Corp.


Process chemicals and wastewater treatment.

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Biothane Corp.


Full service process, environmental and construction engineering company. Major products involve treatment of steel processing plant effluent with the Aminodan DAF process which is effective in removing emulsified oil and suspended solids from process water prior to discharge into a city sewer.

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Dynacom, Inc.


Rope mop oil skimmers. Dust-hog dust collection systems.

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Environmental Systems Corp.


Remediation, Industrial Services and Consulting (RISC) is ESCÕs environmental engineering, design, cleanup and support services division. The group works in private and public sectors providing high-quality, response-orientedproblem solving, specialty environmental products, industrial facility support and development-related services. These include: specialty wastewater treatment products, mobile analytical services, environmental assessment, specialty engineering and design, environmental remediation, underground storage tank compliance, civil engineering construction and construction manage

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Flanges for Water Treatment System

Landee provides flanges for water treatment system with good quality and strict inspection.

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GA Industries, Inc.


Automatic valves for water, wastewater, steam, air release and vacuum breaking, water level control, reducing, relief, pressure sustaining, solenoid, flow control, throttling, cushioned check, pump control check, tilting disc, posi-check, cone, rotary ball, large butterfly, flap valves, sluice gates (manual and motorized), hydraulic control systems and actuators, Lamijet systems for H.S. mills, coke quenching valves.

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Global Treat, Inc.

Global Treat, Inc. offers quality water treatment and disinfection systems at competitive prices.

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Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.


MAN B&W diesel, Sulzer diesel, Ulstein, Artsila engine, engine components, industrial robot, logistic steel pipe manufacturing.

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Interstate Pump Co., Inc.


Distribution of pumps, filters, mixers and related equipment. Manufacturers of custom pump systems, tank mixing systems, custom filtration equipment.

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Kinney Engineers, Inc., S. P.


Automatic stove reversal systems, hot blast stoves, hot blast stove burners, gas and air valves (shut-off, regulating and safety), chimney valves, blow-off valves, hot blast valves (gate and mushroom), hot blast valve seats,snort valves, check and relief valves, cold blast valves, mixer valves, open hearth stack cap valves, goggle valves (vertical gate, swing and hydraulic ram types), butterfly valves, quick opening valves, back-drafting valves,tower, orifice and venturi gas scrubbers, spray nozzles, moisture eliminators, main mixers, electric gas stack igniters, cinder notch stoppers, expande

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Koch Membrane Systems


Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes and systems for water and wastewater processing.

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Martin Marietta Magnesia Spec. Inc.


Periclase, magnesite, and dolomitic lime. Specialty basic refractories for maintaining basic oxygen, electric arc, open hearth steelmaking furnaces and specialized gunning equipment. Imaging and measuring laser system to measure refractory wear in vessels. Specialty alumina refractories: gunnables, rammables, castables and precast shapes. Other steelmaking areas: tundishes, steel ladles, and vacuum degassers. Periclase grain for basic brick. Magnesia and alumina precast shapes. Full service programs with technical service support.

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Oil Skimmers, Inc.


Oil skimming equipment and oil spill flow control.

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Orival, Inc.


Automatic self-cleaning water filters; require no external power; proven for spray nozzles, roll coolant, de-scale, cooling towers, intake water etc.; remove scale, sand, microbiological growth and other dirt down to micron size; not affected by presence of oil in the water; single units 10-4800 GPM, 2"-16" flanges.

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Pan America Environmental

Pan America designs and builds oil water separators, inclined plate clarifiers, dissolved air flotation, chemical pre-treatment systems, pH adjustment, flocculation systems, vehicle wash water treatment systems, groundwater remediation systems, filtration systems, complete skid mounted systems per your project requirements.

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Strainers, filtration, water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment equipment and services.

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Phoenix Process Equipment Co.


Belt filter presses; filter presses; Hi-G separator; CycloSpray; Volcano; table thickeners; HiFlo thickeners; reverse osmosis.

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Quad Engineering Inc.

Quad is a full service engineering firm specializing in minimizing downtime for retrofit projects on brownfield sites. Expertise in design, and installation of utilities systems including cooling water systems (clean and super-clean), chemical treatment, cooling towers, cooling ponds, scale pits, de-scale systems, wastewater, solid waste, sewage systems, tank farms, plant air systems (compressor-dryer, filter-lube), natural gas, oxygen, and argon, hydraulic systems (low and high pressure), oil and air/oil lubrication and pneumatic systems.

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Our company deals with the sale, installation and service facilities - external cooling. Cooling devices are also suitable for use in industry as cooling and removing dust and smell of heavy and light industry. Our leading position strengthened by the professionalism, effectiveness of activities and that we can adapt to individual needs and requirements of each customer!

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Scanacon, Inc.


Manufacturer of acid control equipment. Product line consists of: Scanacon Acid Recovery system (SAR) designed to work online treating hot acids, removing and controlling damaging high dissolved metal concentration, and to recover costly free acids (HF, HNO3, HCL, and H2SO4); Scanacon Acid Filtration Unit (SAFU) designed to remove oxide scale and particulate sludge from the pickling process; SA70 Analyzer designed to analyze for mixed and/or single free acid concentrations; SA100 designed the same as the SA70, but is fully automatic; Acid Circulation System (ACS) designed to decrease the pickl

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SMS Siemag

SMS Siemag is a leading supplier in the international business of metallurgical plant and rolling mill technology for the steel and nonferrous metals industries. Our market range comprises the complete process chain from iron- and steelmaking including downstream steel treatment facilities, continuous casting technology as well as hot, section and cold rolling mills right up to strip processing and coating lines. Our program covers all fields of engineering and manufacturing up to erection and commissioning.

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