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AFT™ Filter Bags

FLSmidth AFT™ filter bags are expertly made in our Evans, Georgia facility. AFT supplies a wide range of filter media and can fabricate from most filtration media such as polyester, PTFE membrane, aramid, fiberglass, acrylic, P-84, blends, and many more.

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Air Industrial - Pittsburgh Air Systems

Supply, Design and Fabrication of Dust Collection, Filtration (Gas Phase and Particulate), Ventilation, Control Room Pressurization and Remediation Air Flow systems. Donaldson-Torit Dust Collectors, Mead-Westvaco Air Systems Gas Phase filtration systems. Odor, toxic gas, and corrosive gas control. Dust, Particulate and Oil mist collection systems. Heat removal and ventilation systems

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Air Trac Corporation

For over 35 years Air Trac has been serving the industry for INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION needs. We design, fabricate and install with follow up service support. Our expertise is in positive pressure supply air systems for overhead cranes, pulpits, lunch rooms, electrical rooms and other applications. We provide equipment that can filter, make up air, heat, cool and dehumidify to provide a safe source of clean air in your working enviroment. IF IT MOVES we can bring air to or from it. IF IT IS STATIONARY we can supply air to or remove air from it. IF IT IS BAD AIR we can remove it, clean it and bring it back in to reuse it. Air Trac provides engineering and design services to clean, temper, control and monitor air in whatever direction your application commands.

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Airex Industries

For over 30 years, Airex Industries has been committed to offering commercial and industrial dust collection equipment to help meet your air quality and filtration requirements. Breathe easier knowing that you can trust our knowledgeable staff to give you the quality service and products that have kept Airex Industries' customers satisfied for all these years.

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Albany International - Industrial Proces Technologies

Albany International's understanding of woven structures, polymers, and coatings led to the development of superior filters for removing particles from gas streams and the reduction of air pollution. Albany International manufactures and markets fabrics and filters to suit all types of air, gas and liquid filtration applications. In our nearly 100 years of successful operation, Albany International's objectives have never wavered: to design products that deliver long life, high filtration efficiency and low operating costs. We control all stages of production, from fiber to fabric to finished filter element. Our expertise translates into your satisfaction.

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Albarrie Environmental Services


Environmental control and by-product processing.

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Amiad Filtration Systems

Amiad offers a complete line of filtration products: inlet/outlet sizes from ¾" to 24", filtration degrees 10 to 5000 micron. The automatic self-cleaning filtration systems can be designed for virtually any flow rate and can operate as low as 50 gpm at 30 psi with 10 micron filtration. These filters provide a balanced load of suspended solids to the plant to maximize operational and cost efficiencies.

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Automatic Filters, Inc., Tekleen


Complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems from 1/2 to 24-in. and flow rates from 10 to 12,000 gpm on a single filter. Stainless steel screens, filtration to 5 micron, and ASME coded filters. Typical applications include: cooling water, pickling, descaling, continuous casting, and spray nozzle protection. Tekleen is now offering stainless steel filters (2-8 in. units) at carbon steel prices; CD-ROM with a video show (free of charge) that shows the operation of the filter; and detailed drawings in windows and autocad

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Beltech Engineering & Associates

Filters, baghouses, pneumatic conveying, plant engineering, air associated problem solving, scrubbers, exhaust systems, fresh air systems, system design, balancing, upgrades.

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BWF America Inc,

BWF America is a manufacturer of dust collector bags, filter cloths, liquid filter media and a supplier of baghouse accessories. All products are available in standard and BWF needlona® specialty material. The specialty filter media includes cake release treatments, high efficiency media, static dissipating materials, spark resistant fabrics and FDA approved materials. BWF also offers free lab testing, filtration simulation and failed media analysis. Our Environmental Service Team can assist you with bag changeouts, walkdowns and preventive maintenance work. Call in: 800-733-2043

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Climax Ltd.


Alemite lubrication equipment; Delimon automatic lubrication systems; Vogel lubrication systems; Marsh instruments.

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Dynacom, Inc.


Rope mop oil skimmers. Dust-hog dust collection systems.

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Filtertech, Inc.

Filtertech provides fully engineered industrial coolant filtration systems with a complete line of clarifiers which include, flat and deep bed vacuum filters, cylindrical, flat and deep bed gravity filters, pressure filters, magnetic separators, liquid vacuum filters, sludge filters and automatic self-cleaning centrifuges. Filtertech also offers waste treatment equipment to include vacuum distillation units, evaporators, ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis units, and oil-water separators for the efficient disposal or reclamation of spent coolants and process liquids.

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Fisher-Klosterman, Inc.


Air pollution control equipment, baghouses, wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers and water cooled ductwork.

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Hilliard Corp., The


Brakes, clutches, filtration equipment, valves.

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HMF Inc.


Our Industrial products division provides custom metal fabrication of industrial ductwork, hoppers, chutes, cyclones, bag houses and fumes hoods. We manufacture manganese steel wear plate made to your specifications for shot blast, sandblast and peening equipment. We will make one of a kind pieces or production runs. We use manganese steel to fabricate out of production cast wear plates. Our consumer products division provides heavy-duty industrial strength toolboxes for pick up trucks, service trucks, and utility vehicles. We manufacture Secure Storage Systems for law enforcement, crime scene investigation, command and control vehicles and weapons transportation boxes for public use. Processes include, shear, punch, saw, CNC plasma burn, form and weld. Materials include, steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.

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Interstate Pump Co., Inc.


Distribution of pumps, filters, mixers and related equipment. Manufacturers of custom pump systems, tank mixing systems, custom filtration equipment.

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Kinney Engineers, Inc., S. P.


Automatic stove reversal systems, hot blast stoves, hot blast stove burners, gas and air valves (shut-off, regulating and safety), chimney valves, blow-off valves, hot blast valves (gate and mushroom), hot blast valve seats,snort valves, check and relief valves, cold blast valves, mixer valves, open hearth stack cap valves, goggle valves (vertical gate, swing and hydraulic ram types), butterfly valves, quick opening valves, back-drafting valves,tower, orifice and venturi gas scrubbers, spray nozzles, moisture eliminators, main mixers, electric gas stack igniters, cinder notch stoppers, expande

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Koch Membrane Systems


Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes and systems for water and wastewater processing.

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LAKOS Separators & Filtration Systems

Centrifugal action separators for the protection of spray nozzles from fouling & clogging. Also keeps troublesome solids from accumulating in pits & sumps. Continuous, maintenance-free operation. Effective solids concentration and maximum process water re-use.

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Martin Engineering


Designers, manufacturers and installers of specialized components and systems to improve the movement of bulk solids. Products include vibrators and air cannons for hopper evacuation and conveyor belt cleaning and material containment systems.

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Orival, Inc.


Automatic self-cleaning water filters; require no external power; proven for spray nozzles, roll coolant, de-scale, cooling towers, intake water etc.; remove scale, sand, microbiological growth and other dirt down to micron size; not affected by presence of oil in the water; single units 10-4800 GPM, 2"-16" flanges.

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Strainers, filtration, water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment equipment and services.

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