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Design, Engineering, supply and commssioning of complete Electrical and Austomation Systems for Iron and Steelmaking plants including Hot & Cold Rolling Mills, Processing Lines and Tube Mills

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Adaptive Resources


Process control software; process and process control analysis and solutions; QuickStudy® adaptive process controller; Q-Mast modeling and simulation software.

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Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI)

AMCI designs & manufactures 100% of their Resolver product family, including 12+ different resolver transducer packages and 20+ different resolver interface modules across 10+ different PLC platforms and industrial networks. AMCI offers single-turn resolvers, multi-turn resolvers, and redundant resolvers, all designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. AMCI also makes the DuraCoder brand resolver-based encoders, capable of withstanding extreme conditions that would render conventional encoders useless. DuraCoder types include Asbolute SSI, Asbolute Analog, Absolute Digital, Absolute DeviceNet, and Incremental versions.

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Andritz AG


Ruthner Div: pickling lines, Gravitel electrogalvanizing lines, electrolytic coating lines, regeneration plants for waste acid. Sundwig: cold rolling mills, processing lines (annealing and pickling, bright annealing, hot dipgalvanizing, coating, slitting, cut to length, packing). Thermtec: annealing furnaces for continuous strip.

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ATIS GmbH Germany

programming , electriacal design for S7 Siemens and all Visualization software esp. WINCC / WINCC Light / ProToolPro

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Automatic Filters Inc.

Complete line of automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems from 1 to 24-in. and flow rates from 10 to 12,000 gpm on a single filter. Stainless steel screens, filtration to 5 micron, and ASME coded filters. Typical applications include: cooling water,chiller water, cooling tower, pickling, descaling, continuous casting, and spray nozzle protection. Tekleen is now offering stainless steel filters at carbon steel prices; CD-ROM with a video show (free of charge) that shows the operation of the filter; and detailed drawings in windows and autocad. For further information please visit us at or e-mail us at

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Automation & Control Technology, Inc.

Automation & Control Technology (ACT) provides solutions for continuous process industries using an open systems approach and we put our customer’s needs first. ACT is active in the metals industry with over 375 years of industry experience, having delivered over 100 systems to our aluminum, steel, and coating customers. Our solutions encompass not only measurement and control but extend into historical information and reports via our DataMart product. Solutions include single point, scanning, nucleonic sensors, X-Ray sensors, and sophisticated software solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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AWA Instrument Ltd.

Inspection and calibrations of field devices and systems. Instrument tubing, electronic controller/recorder installation, turn key Honeywell PLC systems, combustion equipment inspection and controls calibration. Sales of industrial test equipment, field sensors and data acquisition software/hardware.

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Ball Valves

Source for Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Solenoid Valves, Stainless Steel Ball Valves and much more! Contact us today for a quote 1-866-VALTORC

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Barr Engineering Co.


Engineering, environmental and information technology services to the iron and steel industry. Materials processing and handling; facilities and infrastructure engineering (including industrial facilities); environmental management (including air quality); assessment and remediation; water resources; and information technology.

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Baxcell Engineering Private Limited

We are manufacturers of high pressure instrumentation 2, 3 & 5 Valve manifolds, Needle Valves include features such as Non Rotating Tip, PTFE Packing, Vents/Drain Plug, Laser Markings, Electro Polish finish etc. are available as also NACE MR 0175 can be offered upon specific request} We also produce compression pipe fittings in ss, monel, hastelloy etc. About 65% of our revenues are from exports to west european countries & gulf. ABOUT 65% OF OUR REVENUES ARE FROM EXPORTS TO WEST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES & GULF.

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Berthold Technologies

Berthold Technologies manufactures mold level systems for all types of continuous casting machines, and mold level control systems for open pour casters. With over 3000 strands worldwide Berthold Technologies continues to be the world leader in mold level. We also offer a wide range of non-contact measurements for bulk flow, pickling acid analyzer, hopper level, and coke/sinter moisture.

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Bloom Engineering Co., Inc.


Manufacturer of custom engineered combustion and control equipment designed to meet the customers' product quality, environmental and energy use objectives. Low NOx regenerative, conventional and radiant tube burners for diverse fuels and furnace applications. Ka-Weld pipe insulation for underfired reheat furnaces. Ladle preheating stations, Fuel Energy and Uni-Heat burner systems and small capacity recuperators.

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Brechbuhler Scales, Inc.

Brechbuhler Scales has been providing premium service to the steel industry since 1929. ISO 9002 registered and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, Brechbuhler Scales has 16 full-service locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia. Brechbuhler Scales is a premier source for scale service, sales, rentals, and computer-based weighing systems. Our product line includes: truck scales, railroad scales, crane scales, heavy-duty floor scales, load cell mounting assemblies, and coil and high-impact scales designed specifically for the steel industry.

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Brock Solutions

Having completed over 4,000 automation projects worldwide, Brock Solutions is one of the largest industrial engineering solution providers of real-time automation systems for metals manufacturing. From the “docks to finished goods”, our services include AC / DC drive systems, industrial control solutions (PLC, DCS, PC), manufacturing execution systems (MES), panel and control room manufacturing.

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Brodeur Machine Co., Inc.


Designers and builders of production lines and/or parts thereof for coil processing and other systems, anneal/pickle lines, tension leveling lines, slitting lines, coating lines, galvanizing lines and coil handling equipment.Builders of a wide variety of parts for rolling mills.

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BWG Machinery Corp.


Process lines for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, e.g. pickling lines, coating lines, annealing lines, cleaning and leveling lines, direct roll lines. Mill modernization. Hot processing and handling systems. Intensive slab coolers. Slab and billet furnace charging/discharging equipment. Slab and billet handling and inspection equipment. Material flow analysis and systems evaluation. Design and manufacture through turnkey installation,commissioning and personnel training.

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Can-Technologies Inc.

Can-Technologies is an Engineering company specialized in providing Intelligent Solutions in domain of Energy, Safety, Automation & Control, Electrical & Power Systems, and Information Technology to a variety of industries. Can-Technologies Automation Group can help you to optimize your processes by increasing productivity, reducing downtime, increasing efficiency and improving safety of your equipment/systems/operations. Can-Technologies IT Group is ready to establish connectivity among your assets, collect your critical data, track your processes/products, analyze collected data, notify allocated personnel and generate required reports/views/dashboards. Can-Technologies Power Group can help you to upgrade and optimize your Power Distribution Systems from substations, switchgears and MCC’s down to equipment level covering Electrical Design, Power Quality Analysis, Protection & Coordination, Sub-Metering and SCADA systems including Data Collection, System Audit, Single Line / Logic / Loop Diagrams, Short Circuit Studies, Ground Fault Monitoring, etc. Can-Technologies Energy Group can help you with energy conservation methods, algorithms, analysis, monitoring, targeting, tracking, verification and improvements. Can-Technologies Energy Management Information System called Entelegis™ is built around Iron & Steel industry and is designed to help you reduce your energy bill by at least 10%. Can-Technologies philosophy is based on partnership and meeting or exceeding customer’s need.

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Clayton Engineering Co.


Reliance Electrical, Gemco, Hubbell-Euclid, ASCO, Red Lion Controls, Sola, Square D, Total Control Products, Dodge, Catrac, Challenger, Josyln Clark, Gould Shawmut, Panalarm, Taylor Industrial Software, Entrelec.

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Cleveland Motion Controls, Inc.


Engineered drives and system solutions for all types of steel processing and converting applications.

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Cognex Surface Inspection Systems popular


Automated on-line surface inspection equipment.

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Compas Controls, Inc.


Design, development and market new generation of supervisory control software systems for on-line/off-line supervisory control systems software for industrial furnaces.

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ControlSoft Inc.

ControlSoft provided process control solutions in the form of INTUNE* - PID Loop Tuning software and MANTRA - PC based Process Control for small applications needing basic or advanced control options.*We also offer customized PID tuning software for Honeywell TDC 3000, Westinghouse WDPF and Elsag Bailey systems.

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Converter Refining System Control

UHT in Sweden, former Uddeholm Technology, supply turn-key plants with leading metallurgical solutions and full process guarantees within Converter refining and Metal Granulation. Converter refining processes, AOD and CLU®, are supplied for stainless steel and ferroalloy industry. The scope for converter includes complete control system, UTCAS®. The system is made of several parts where the Process Design (PD) part is a stand-alone software to design and simulate converter processes. The PD is useful for operators, metallurgists and suppliers of process material for the steel industry. The complete UTCAS control system efficiently handles the daily work at the converter, rapidly responding with alternative solutions in case of unexpected process problems. All process data is also secured for later review. UTCAS can be integrated with any existing Level 1, PLC and superior control system. Solidification of hot metal, so called GRANSHOT® metal granulation is supplied to the iron, steel and ferroalloy industry.

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